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Aqui é um cantinho de amor e autoconhecimento


Integrative and Complementary Practices in Human Health

The Tuning Kuan Yin Integrative Therapies was born from Sensei Aline Keny's dream to offer the opportunity for a balanced, joyful and healthy life, through expansion of consciousness and energetic treatments to all people who feel this call in their heart.

We act holistically, according to the needs of each client, as we understand that the human being is not limited to the physical body - we approach and take care of all levels of the Being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.


Aline ministers sessions and Reiki and Reiki Courses for Children; attends through ThetaHealing® sessions; and conducts Ho'oponopono and ThetaHealing® Workshops.

Our goal is to welcome you with love and respect, because here is a corner of love and self-knowledge!

Appointments, in person in Brasilia or Online

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