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Medicina Vibracional


Therapeutic Treatment through Reiki Energy

In energetic treatment with Reiki energy, the therapist takes care of the client as a Whole, as a Holistic Being, as he understands that the Human Being is not limited to the physical body - all levels are considered: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. This professional is based on evidence, symptoms and, depending on each therapist, makes use of Japanese Techniques suitable for each client. We seek to investigate the origin of the imbalances to actually obtain a cure (if it is already possible for that individual).


At Reiki we prioritize excellence in health and well-being, there is also a focus on disease prevention, so that the person does not even get sick. The idea is to live throughout life with emotional, mental and spiritual health, health that as a consequence will be properly reflected in the physical body. In Reiki we work the Energetic System of the client or student (whatever the case).


The human body is made up of numerous systems that perform essential functions, guarantee its full functioning and the maintenance of life, such as the nervous, respiratory, immunological, lymphatic, muscular, circulatory, skeletal, digestive, sensory, endocrine, excretory systems. , urinary, reproductive and integumentary. In addition to the systems described above, we are formed by Energy Systems, which are composed of Force Centers or Energy Centers (chakras), meridians, points, lines, axial and axiatonal systems, among others. The Energetic System of the physical body and the subtle bodies is electromagnetic in nature and moves through all bodies, from the etheric to the physical bodies.


The Energetic System works as a kind of filter for the energies that arrive and leave the physical body, protecting the Being from negative charges that can generate imbalances and diseases. It is also responsible for the elaboration of ectoplasm together with the energies absorbed by food and oxygen, distributing vital energy to the entire physical body. In the same way, our Energy System serves as a reservoir of ectoplasm.


Illnesses often arise as a natural response to maladjustments of the mental and emotional bodies. They can be manifested by the absence or excessive concentration of ectoplasmic energy in the person's system, that is, lack and excess of soul energy make us sick. The energetic bodies have the same structure as the physical body, including the entire anatomical part with its respective organs - all organs have their etheric counterpart.


One of the energetic bodies is the etheric double , it works as an energy transformer. It receives the vital energy, which is subtle, from the astral body and through the etheric double transfers it to the physical body, and in a process of constant exchange of energies transfers the dense energies from the physical body to the astral body, after having been filtered by the etheric double. Through this perfect flow, the spirit maintains the vital stability of all the bodies that the spirit uses for its manifestation in all the planes in which it vibrates – simultaneously our spirit inhabits several lines of time and dimension. Spiritual surgeries, on a first level, are performed in this body.


Even though many are still unaware of this fact, energy systems are responsible for the free circulation of vital energy (life energy) in our bodies, which promotes the maintenance of the health and functioning of the physical body and its systems. In an analogy, just as blood needs to circulate throughout the body, Universal Cosmic Energy or Fluid (spiritual electricity) needs to flow properly throughout the energy system.


For countless reasons we form blockages in our Energy System. On a conscious or unconscious level, every atom of our Being is constantly responding to the vibrations we emit, whether these vibrations are positive or negative. We send vibrations to the Universe by the quality of our thoughts, feelings and actions, and similarly the Universe responds to us (the same attracts the same).


When our energy system is blocked or operating improperly in a certain region of the physical body, the balance is disturbed - the affected region has difficulties or is unable to drain the toxins out, and the accumulation of toxins in the systems or organs generates diseases. Reiki Energy has the power to dissipate energetic obstructions and release accumulated toxins, undoing energetic blockages that may be preventing the free flow of vital energy in the subtle and physical bodies.


In Reiki, any and all energy imbalances, whether physical, mental or emotional, are considered as signs of illness, which include everything from irritability, bad mood or insomnia. All the most serious diseases like depression, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart problems etc. they are just like the lighter signs, treated with love by the Reiki energy . In a first instance, Reiki Therapy works through the hands, by looking and breathing, and in a second instance, it works with the power of the mind, which allows treatment with the Sacred Symbols of Reiki , as well as distance treatment.


In a Reiki course, therapists are trained to identify the energy system and its imbalances. By mapping the body and where there are points of blockage or aggravations, it is possible to achieve excellent results during the treatment, restoring the free flow of energy and balance to the body. The Reiki Therapist serves as a “battery” that supplies the healthy energy that is lacking for the proper functioning of the body being treated. With the restoration of the Energy System, the body in imbalance is strengthened and able to drain the accumulated toxins to be released by the excretory systems of the physical body, allowing the recovery of health and well-being at all levels.

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