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Bamboo in its characteristics is really extraordinary, it is the symbol plant of Reiki and just like Reiki has the power to transmute energies, channeling universal vital force, healing the dissonant fluids present in our system and environment.


Because of its ability to bend through life's storms without breaking, this seemingly fragile plant represents spiritual strength and endurance. Bamboo is not proud, it knows that it needs to be flexible and loving to flow through the winds and, nobly, rise and remain wise and majestic. He knows that his strength and his value are in his divine essence, in the core of his Being, and that nothing and no one can steal the value of his personal achievements and what belongs to him by Divine Right.


For oriental culture, bamboo has great spiritual importance and also represents generosity, prosperity, luck, health and good energies. This plant originated in Asia and was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese.


With love!


Sensei Aline Keny

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