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a little of my story


Every expression of life in the universe is unique, and so is every opportunity on this planet. Make no mistake, we are here to learn, develop and mature spiritually. The consequence is the purification of the millennia of darkness that we gather in the course of unconscious and mistaken acts. Every day we light up a little more, if that is the will of our heart. Light reveals shadow, the more we light up the more we become able to recognize the layers of our own shadows that still lurk. Therefore, self-knowledge is the route that leads us to the encounter with the light that we already are, it is the password to access the gifts that belong to us by divine right and that leads to the true essence, our Higher Self.

Do you reflect on the value of your present incarnation on Earth?

How have you been living your days?

Do you honor your relationships?

How have you written your own story?

These are just a few points to think about.

I'm 40 years old. I love quantum physics and have been studying this science in theory and in practice for about 5 years now. What I most desire is a free, fluid, light, prosperous and loving journey, perhaps this is also your desire. I keep studying and working towards it. I lived a few years vibrating practically all the time in the fifth dimension, regardless of all the challenges, and I speak from my own experience, for such a feat it is necessary to educate parts of our ego, the emotional and mental body.

Although I have always looked for more fluid roads, things here have never been rosy. I came into a "key incarnation", which is when you cleanse residual baggage from many past lives in one. This current life has been a great school to do things differently and better. I know that I have re-signified many traumatic and painful experiences, and for that I am grateful and congratulate myself.

I didn't have the opportunity to grow up with my biological parents, my early childhood wasn't the best, even so I'm grateful for my parents' lives and the short time I was able to live with them. I love my father and mother deeply, really the blood is strong. I am grateful for having given me life and an excellent genetic load of health and intelligence, from them I also inherited the strength of their ancestral roots, the strength of action and achievement, courage and perseverance. But as far as I can tell, it wasn't in the divine plan for me to stay with them. From the age of 4 I was raised by my father's family uncles, a humble, happy family, from where I collected the best examples of honesty, decent work and discipline.

Around 4.5 years old my biggest dream was to read, I've always been passionate about books. When I learned to read and write, in addition to playing, I liked to go to the city library, which was close to home.

At the age of 8 I had mediumistic perceptions and following my intuitions I began to study spirituality.  I currently consider myself a Spiritualist. I love studying about spirituality, psychology, human behavior, quantum physics, astrology and topics related to self-knowledge. Also, in order to broaden my understandings, I study different religions, because I understand that each and every path taken with love and respect leads to the Greater Father.

At the age of 8 he already knew how to wash, iron and cook. At 10, I experienced my first paid job as a domestic worker, and that was just the beginning of a long journey. Then I worked as a nanny; seller of juju and chocolates that I made myself; as well as instrumental assistant in the dental office; I sold English courses; I also worked as a car accessories salesperson at a dealership; seller of plated jewelry, fabrics and fine shoes. In "high school" I completed the Technical Accounting course (I was part of the last group authorized by the government).

I went to live alone as soon as I turned 19, at that time I was a shoe salesman and earned relatively well, due to sales commissions. At the age of 21 I became a banker, worked for 4 years as an outsourced employee at Caixa Econômica Federal (in FGTS), later applied for a public tender and worked for 14 years at Banco do Brasil, where I worked in several states in Brazil (I left BB in 2019) .

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of going to college. And I did. This was one of the biggest challenges of my life, graduating in Business Administration (a course that I love and use all the time). I was already at Caixa Econômica, I worked a lot and didn't earn well. What came in was enough to pay for the room I lived in, eat, pay for part of the college and go out on weekends with friends (yes, I always did miracles with my money). I didn't have enough income to pay for the entire college, however, I ran after a partial scholarship, borrowed money. There were immeasurable sacrifices, even today when I look back, I know that I won through countless small miracles and the strength of my immense faith, courage and persistence. I didn't have the money to pay for the prom, I could only pay for my graduation. Anyway, I attended the dance as a guest of my classmates (it was very special for me).

My gift when I finished college was to be called in the BB contest. I graduated in July and joined BB in August 2005. The Bank was one of the most challenging and fantastic experiences of my life. How I learned at Banco do Brasil school. I have always said that the Bank was my father and mother, as it provided me with a good quality of life while I was there. I am immensely grateful for the excellent internal training and for all the experiences with colleagues and teams I managed. It was at BB that I became a therapist, in practice, using my spiritual knowledge, which served as a basis and as an instrument to free myself karmically from countless ancestral baggage.

I got to know Ho'oponopono around 2009, but I only used this energy on myself in 2013. Subsequently, as a self-taught and with the help of the Most High, I learned to work through this egregore in a more intense and assertive way.

In 2017, REIKI arrived for me. Reiki is the roots, the energetic base that supports any and all therapeutic work. With Reiki I met the heavenly hosts. Reiki energy is beautiful and realigns us on all levels of Being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It was at that time that I received the call to follow this profession, which is my new mission. I understood that my stage at BB was almost completed and I organized myself to leave. I did my training in Reiki Therapy in Brasilia. My first master's degree in Reiki was in Brasília (DF) and the second in Porto Alegre (RS). My master's degrees remind me of college days, they weren't easy, another intense stage of learning, resilience and resignation.

In the year 2018 I took the training course in ThetaHealing, which is a special, high-vibration energy, excellent for mental and emotional reprogramming - through Theta we can change our misguided belief systems. I combine ThetaHealing very well, with Reiki and Ho'oponopono. I developed my own way of reconciling these three different egregors.

In fact, I was born a therapist, it came into my spiritual programming. I have always had the profile to listen, understand, welcome and feel what others need, which helps in therapeutic treatment. However, it was really in the school of life, having been exposed to so many pains, misunderstandings and traumas that I needed to turn to the most important space that exists, my own Being (my interior). I can only put myself as a helper because I learned to heal myself.

By welcoming and healing my own ills, I was able to respect and remedy the place of pain in people. I chose not to be a victim of fate, I used everything that was painful to strengthen myself, and so I learned to heal various types of pain, precisely because I knew pain so closely.

In this whole course I found my new mission, now officially as a Reiki Master and Integrative Therapist, with the superior purpose of being able to attend and pass on spiritual knowledge through courses, workshops and consultations. As an instructor, I am able to help people who are attuned to me to find their own path of light and strength. I know that I hand over important keys and that these keys make it possible to open certain doors. I affirm, with conviction, that they are precious keys that can direct you to the highest places.

With love,

Aline Keny

PS: For those of you who have read this far, I am grateful for respecting and honoring part of my story.

Text of 07.07.2021

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