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reiki usui


Reiki is a therapeutic method of natural healing officially recognized since 2017 by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Complementary/Alternative Medicine (MCA).


Reiki channels Universal Cosmic Energy (energy that comes straight from the Creator Source) and realigns us to the frequencies of light, opening a direct channel to that reality. Reiki is not a religion but a therapeutic method of Integrative Medicine , it refers to a holistic healing technique through hands, eyes and breath. It strengthens the immune system, as well as the energy bodies, undoing the blockages that exist in it. It generates well-being, balance and increased self-awareness and awareness of the Whole around us.


Reiki is a Vibrational Medicine that promotes integral care, helping to maintain health and well-being in general. It prevents diseases and imbalances, providing deep relaxation and stress reduction. Through Reiki energy it becomes possible to reprogram past and future events. In addition to people, Reiki also allows you to treat, care, protect and heal: environments, animals and plants.

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