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Usui Traditional Reiki Course
Level 2 - Okuden (The Transformation)


With Sensei Aline Keny

Dates : June 12 and 13, 2021, from 9 am to 6 pm

(with breaks for snack and lunch)


Location : Le Quartier Building – Room 1003. Asa Norte – Brasília (DF). North Hotel Sector (SHN), Block 1, Block A.


In-person course with reduced class, according to the safety guidelines provided by the WHO.




  • Reduced class;

  • Mandatory use of a face protection mask;

  • Temperature measurement;

  • Sanitizing mat at the entrance to the room;

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the physical space;

  • Mandatory use of props (will be provided on course days);

  • 70% alcohol for hand hygiene;

  • Single use of water bottle.


What is Reiki?


Japanese method of energy healing for all levels of the Being


Reiki channels universal cosmic energy and realigns us to frequencies of light, opening a direct channel to that reality.

Reiki is not a religion - it is a natural healing technique through hands, eyes and breath. It strengthens the immune system, as well as the energy bodies, undoing the knots and blockages that exist in it. It generates well-being, balance and an increase in self-awareness and awareness of the whole that surrounds us.

The technique promotes comprehensive care, helping to maintain general health and well-being. It prevents diseases and imbalances, providing deep relaxation and stress reduction, through Reiki energy it becomes possible to reprogram past and future events. In addition to people, Reiki also allows you to treat, care, protect and heal environments, animals and plants.


Treatment through Reiki energy stimulates the body's natural mechanisms, preventing the emergence of new diseases, taking care of injuries and health recovery, taking into account that we are integral beings (spirit - mind - emotions - body).

Reiki was included by the Ministry of Health as an Integrative and Complementary Practice in Human Health and was institutionalized in the Unified Health System (SUS). Reiki therapy is recognized as a profession by the Ministry of Labor (MT), under code 8690-9/01.


OKUDEN (The Transformation) – What is Reiki Level 2?é-o-reiki-nível-2





  • Strengthens the immune system;

  • Strengthens the energetic bodies and the physical body;

  • Prevents disease;

  • Provides deep relaxation;

  • Realigns and balances the body's chakras and meridians;

  • Balances metabolism;

  • Raises self-esteem;

  • Generates balance and health in general;

  • Provides expansion of self-awareness, body awareness and awareness of the Whole;

  • Assists in meditative practices;

  • Relieves/Heals: stress, insomnia, anxiety and body aches;

  • Strengthens the field of spiritual protection;

  • Among other benefits.



SENSEI MIKAO USUI – The creator of the natural healing method called Reiki


“The art of Reiki is the medicine this sick world needs. Everywhere evil and disharmony dominate; while people forget that we all emanate from the same divine source. Reiki teaches us to return to Source to leave selfishness, small desires, anger and confusion behind. Those who are not possessed by anything and live in peace and harmony. This is possible thanks to Reiki and the practice of Inner Knowledge.”


"Every human being who is in perfect balance, connected with heaven and earth, can understand and receive divine blessings in his body and make them flow over the other, generating abundance".



REIKI IN MY LIFE – By Sensei Aline Keny


Reiki energy is genuine light. Pure love that nourishes, cares and heals: "a mother's lap". It is a channel of divinity, which makes it possible to more easily access our Higher Self. Fears are calmed, the heart is calmed. It is elevation to divine perfection.


As the energy is used, systems are strengthened on all levels, taking care of all bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical - generating a stronger and expanded field.


Gradually and with the constant use of energy, it is possible to achieve inner healing at deeper levels, reaching higher levels of energy. Our system goes from electrostatic to electromagnetic, and we resonate heal those around us.


Through energy we access the necessary nutrition at all levels of our Being. Reiki is a path of spiritual enlightenment.  




Aline Keny is a Traditional Usui Reiki Master and Therapist, with proven lineage. It provides assistance through energy treatment sessions, as well as being able to provide training in Reiki Therapy at all levels (levels 1, 2, 3-A and master's: 3-B). He trained in Brasília (DF), completed two Masters in Reiki, the first in Brasília (DF) and the second in Porto Alegre (RS).  











  • Bank transfer or Pix;

  • Credit Card via PayPal; or

  • Bank slip.

The amount can be paid in up to 2 installments by bank transfer.




  • Fill the form:                      

  • When filling out the form above, please contact us with your interest in the course: WhatsApp

  • You must arrive 20 minutes in advance;

  • Bring a light coat; your own water bottle (if you forget the bottle, that's ok, there are glasses on site) and a notebook for your notes;

  • At least one day before the course, try to eat healthy; drink water; try to slow down and sleep well;

  • At the end, the student will receive the didactic material and the certificate attesting to the level of the course.

Benefícios da Terapia Reiki 

  • Fortalece o sistema imunológico;

  • Fortalece os corpos energéticos e o corpo físico;

  • Previne doenças;

  • Proporciona profundo relaxamento;

  • Realinha e equilibra os chakras e os meridianos do corpo;

  • Equilibra o metabolismo;​

  • Eleva a autoestima;

  • Gera equilíbrio e saúde em geral;

  • Proporciona expansão de autoconsciência, consciência corporal e consciência do Todo;

  • Auxilia nas práticas meditativas;​

  • Alivia | Cura: stress, insônia, ansiedade e dores no corpo;​

  • Fortalece o campo de proteção espiritual;​

  • Entre outros benefícios.​


O criador do método de cura natural denominado Reiki

“A arte do Reiki é o remédio que esse mundo doente precisa. Em todos os lugares, o mal e a desarmonia dominam; enquanto as pessoas esquecem que todos nós emanamos da mesma fonte divina. O Reiki nos ensina a retornar à Fonte para deixar para trás o egoísmo, pequenos desejos, raiva e confusão. Aqueles que não são possuídos por nada e vivem em paz e harmonia. Isto é possível graças ao Reiki e à prática do Conhecimento Interior.”


“Todo ser humano que estiver em perfeito equilíbrio, conectado com o céu e com a terra,

pode entender e receber as bênçãos divinas em seu corpo e fazê-las jorrar sobre o outro, gerando abundância”.


Pela Sensei Aline Keny

A energia do Reiki é luz genuína. Puro amor que nutre, cuida e cura: "um colo de mãe". É canal da divindade, que possibilita acessar mais facilmente nosso Eu Superior. Os medos são acalmados, o coração asserenado. É elevação à perfeição divina.


À medida que se usa a energia, há o fortalecimento dos sistemas em todos os níveis, cuidando de todos os corpos: espiritual, mental, emocional e físico – gerando um campo mais forte e expandido.


Aos poucos e com o uso constante da energia é possível alcançar cura interior a níveis mais profundos, galgando patamares mais elevados de energia. Nosso sistema passa de eletrostático para eletromagnético, e curamos por ressonância os que estão ao nosso redor.


Através da energia acessamos a nutrição necessária a todos os níveis do nosso Ser. O Reiki é um caminho de iluminação espiritual. 

SOBRE a Sensei Aline Keny

 Aline Keny é Mestra e Terapeuta Reiki Usui Tradicional, com linhagem comprovada. Presta atendimentos através de sessões de tratamento energético, bem como é habilitada a ministrar formação em Terapia Reiki em todos os níveis (níveis 1, 2, 3-A e mestrado: 3-B). Fez sua formação em Reiki em Brasília (DF), e concluiu dois Mestrados em Reiki, sendo o primeiro em Brasília (DF) e o segundo em Porto Alegre (RS).

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